A Reading-inspired Curriculum

A Reading-inspired Curriculum


As a school, we place great emphasis on reading, the key building block for future learning. Based on the EYFS and Primary National Curriculum , our curriculum places reading at the heart of all we do. Indeed, we ensure all children have full access to our varied and exciting reading-inspired curriculum. Our work is underpinned by quality texts that create a love for learning, that enable the children to develop as confident readers and ensure they can progress across all learning areas.

Our curriculum develops the basic skills, knowledge, values and themes that the children need at Lambley Primary School and reading is pivotal to developing all this. We provide constant access to books, celebrate reading for pleasure and provide time to enrich our worldly and cultural knowledge.

All subjects at Lambley Primary School have been carefully planned and mapped out so that the knowledge, skills and understanding progress at the right time for the children. Carefully developed, our curriculum ensures we create links between subject areas ensuring children retain more knowledge which in turn enthuses them with a greater thirst for more knowledge. We want the children to know more, remember more and want more.

To enrich our curriculum further, we provide all children with opportunities to develop their knowledge in different ways. This can be through residentials, school visits, extra-curricular activities, art, music or performance. These opportunities are so important as children learn in different ways. We understand that different approaches, spark different interests and we must remember this as we prepare the children for the next step in their academic journey.

Working in unison with this, is our inner curriculum of values-based thinking. We believe that it is essential to teach key values and empower children. Our values-based curriculum is our way of promoting and enhancing the children’s social, moral, spiritual, emotional and academic well-being. At Lambley all children develop academically and personally and they are ready to play their part in their community and society as a whole.


High quality texts form the backbone of each carefully planned topic. The knowledge and skills required for each subject are evident in our topic based approach and are enriched by a range of high quality and diverse picture books, novels, graphic novels, poetry and non-fiction texts.

Skills and knowledge can also be taught discreetly with children given the chance to develop their understanding of each subject. We want children to appreciate that they are artists in art lessons and musicians in music, for example. Nevertheless, by using a core text each term, our curriculum is also designed to embed transferrable skills; providing context for learning and a broad understanding of the areas they study.

To support this further, time is also given in our curriculum for reading for pleasure and library time. Not only are these invaluable opportunities to enhance fluency in reading (enabling all children to have access to the full curriculum entitlement) but they also provide great prior learning opportunities and ensure children have ample time to connect their learning across the curriculum.

As values are so important to us too, time to talk and articulate our thoughts, feeling and emotions form a key part of our curriculum ensuring that the whole child is educated and supported throughout the year.


As a result of our carefully planned and implemented curriculum, we expect all our children to:

  • Develop the core skills needed for the next step in their academic journey (in particular reading);
  • Be able to express themselves clearly, articulating thoughts, feelings and opinions with both passion and politeness;
  • Take ownership of their learning and make the most of every opportunity;
  • Have had the opportunity to develop and improve their understanding across a full range of subjects; knowing more, remembering more and wanting more knowledge;
  • Have the knowledge and values required for Life beyond Lambley.

Further information about our curriculum content is available in our class pages. If you need any additional information, please contact the school office.

What makes me…

At Lambley, we ensure every subject in the National Curriculum is enjoyed and celebrated. We understand that children show flair and enthusiasm for different areas of the curriculum. We also know that as the children grow up, they may specialise and follow one curriculum path. As such, we want the children at Lambley to really understand the subjects they are taught and ask themselves “what makes me a historian, an artist, a geographer?” Through our curriculum, we want all children to find their subject and embrace it with their passion and determination to succeed in this field. We want them to be ready to tackle this subject in secondary school and onwards.

Our “what makes me…” subject booklets give you a real flavour of our curriculum for each subject area. The booklet includes: Subject audits, our vision statement, an explanation of how the curriculum is built and progresses, each subject’s long-term plan and an overview of how we assess what the children are learning.

What Makes Me An Artist?

What Makes Me A Geographer?

What Makes Me A Historian?

What Makes Me A Scientist?

What Makes Me A Techie?

What Makes Me Bilingual? 

What Makes Me A Musician?

What Makes Me A Mathematician?

What Makes Me An Early Reader?

What Makes Me A Reader And A Writer?

What Makes Me Ready For Life Beyond Lambley? (RSE)

What Makes Me Athletic?

Curriculum Content

At Lambley Primary School, we are proud of the curriculum we deliver. It has been carefully planned to ensure that it gives all pupils the knowledge and skills they need to succeed. The skills have been matched to the needs of each year group and ensure that the right knowledge is delivered at the right time. Not only this, but our curriculum provides challenge for all children. The staff ensure their curriculum is ambitious for all and encourages the children to challenge themselves.

To see the progression of skills and knowledge across the curriculum, please see the documents below.

Progression of skills and knowledge – RSE

Progression of skills and knowledge – RE

Progression of skills and knowledge – Music

Progression of skills and knowledge – MFL: French

Progression of skills and knowledge – History

Progression of skills and knowledge – Geography

Progression of skills and knowledge – DT

Progression of skills and knowledge – Computing

Progression of skills and knowledge – Art

Progression of skills and knowledge – Science

Progression of skills and knowledge – PE

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