Maple Class

Maple Class

Mr Rowe is the class teacher for Maple Class. We are a class of Year 3 children and are supported by members of the Teaching Assistant team at various sessions throughout the week.

Every Tuesday morning, we have a MFL session with Mrs. Barnes, who teaches French, and we have a P.E. session with Mr. Robinson.

We have daily Maths lessons using the Mastery of Maths approach. This means that we are developing the use of resources and vocabulary to support us as we solve mathematical problems and explain our thinking. We are becoming more fluent and confident mathematicians, willing to apply our knowledge and skills to problem solving situations.

In our class, we follow both the Y3 National Curriculum in addition to the Nottinghamshire syllabus for RE and the Nottinghamshire Computing Framework.

What are we learning?

Autumn Term

In this term, we will be learning about the ‘Anglo-Saxons’. We will be thinking about: how they lived, what they ate, what weapons they used, as well as their rich and important history. In science, we will be learning about ‘Forces’ and ‘Animals, including humans’.

Spring Term

In the Spring Term, our topic is ‘Volcanoes’, as well as other extreme natural occurrences. We will be thinking about: how volcanoes erupt, the effects of an eruption, and how our earth is changing. In science, we will be thinking about ‘Rocks’.

Summer Term

In the Summer Term, our topic is the ‘Egyptians’. We will be thinking about: their history and impact on the world, as well as how they lived. In science, we will be learning about ‘Light’ and ‘Plants’.

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