About Us

Ethos and Values

At Lambley Primary School, our school motto is ‘Reach For The Stars’ and we use this to encourage our children to make the most of every opportunity and to strive to be the very best that they can be. Staff, Governors, Pupils and Parents have worked together to develop a shared vision for our school:

  • A school where everyone achieves their full potential.
  • Learning is our central purpose.
  • We are a community of lifelong learners.
  • A school where a Values-Based Curriculum is taught and celebrated.
  • Children think for themselves and demonstrate independence and self-regulation.
  • High value is placed on good behaviour and integrity.
  • We are inclusive and everyone is treated with respect.
  • A safe and happy place where each individual can thrive and where we take care of each other.

We aim to provide the highest possible standards of learning for all children, whilst encouraging them to become responsible and caring individuals who show respect for everyone. We provide as many varied opportunities as possible to ensure each child reaches their true potential and gains full and equal access to a challenging and creative curriculum.

Developing citizenship, environmental awareness and a healthy lifestyle are central to our core purpose. Our aim is for all children to feel safe, happy and healthy within our learning environment. We promote positive behaviour and attitudes through our ‘Lambley Way’, striving to develop kindness, fairness and understanding at school and in the wider community. We believe that this is achieved through working as a team and in partnership with parents and the local community. We also believe that the children play a significant part in achieving this goal by taking on positions of responsibility and making the most of opportunities on offer to them at Lambley Primary School.

Our commitment

  • To provide an inclusive, welcoming and safe environment in which every child is valued, cared for and supported.
  • To offer a broad and balanced curriculum that provides children with the best possible learning opportunities and experiences and enables them to enjoy their education and develop positive attitudes towards learning.
  • To ensure that all children are able to realise their potential through high quality learning and teaching experiences that promote and value all achievement and raise self esteem.
  • To inform and encourage all children to adopt a healthy lifestyle by promoting healthy eating, regular exercise and physical and mental well-being.
  • To promote equality, respect and understanding and to provide opportunities for children to learn about and celebrate cultural diversity. (Please see our British Values¬†statement).
  • To develop an appreciation of the World in which we live and an awareness of our environment to encourage children to be responsible citizens of the future.

At Lambley Primary School, we all follow ‘The Lambley Way’ and involve pupils in a review of this on a regular basis. ‘The Lambley Way ‘compliments our school vision and is an important focus throughout school.

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