About Us

Vision, Ethos and Values

Vision: At Lambley Primary School, we ‘Reach for the stars!’

At Lambley, we value and nurture every child as an individual; as someone whose uniqueness, interests and passions are supported and celebrated. We are a family who learn together, care for one another and make the most of every opportunity. Through our positive attitude, our growing confidence and determination to do our best, all children thrive and are ready to make their mark on the world. We are proud to say that when children leave us, they are ready for ‘Life beyond Lambley.

Values: The 3 R’s

At Lambley, we take great pride in not only teaching our children vital academic skills, enabling them to become proficient readers, writers, mathematicians but through our core values, we also equip the children with essential life skills to prepare them for life beyond Lambley.

At Lambley, we reach for the stars by ensuring our 3 core R’s are paramount to all we do.

We are proud to be:

Ready: We are organised, motivated and determined to learn. We are focused, optimistic and prepared to make good choices.

Respectful: We are courteous, thoughtful and inclusive to everyone. We are honest, we listen well, are helpful and are always polite and empathetic.

Resilient: We do not give up. We persevere, are hardworking and keep going no matter the challenge.

Ethos: Through our vision and values we are committed to:

  • Providing an inclusive, welcoming and safe environment in which every child is valued, cared for and supported. (RESPECTFUL)
  • Developing strong relationships with our school community. One based on honesty, respect and a shared desire to see all children succeed. (RESPECTFUL)
  • Offering a curriculum that provides children with the right skills and values at the right time. Children are ready for the next step in their learning journey. They are ready for anything! (READY)
  • Ensuring that all members of the school community take ownership of their actions, excel as individuals and have a positive impact as citizens in the world today (RESILIENT)
  • Being respectful, tolerant and treat others as we like to be treated ourselves (RESPECTFUL)
  • Providing the children with the opportunities to thrive in all they do and seize every day (READY)
  • Reaching for the stars every day (READY, RESPECTFUL & RESILIENT)
Lambley Primary School