Pine Class

Pine Class

Miss White is the class teacher for Pine class. We are a class of 24 Year 4 pupils. On a Tuesday morning, we also have Miss Barnes for French/ Music and Mr Robinson for PE.

In our class, we follow the Year 4 National curriculum in addition to the Nottinghamshire syllabus for Religious Education.

In Pine class, we have daily Maths lessons using the Mastery of Maths approach. Through this approach, we are developing the use of resources and vocabulary to support us as we solve mathematical problems and explain our thinking. We are becoming more fluent and confident mathematicians, willing to apply our knowledge and skills to problem solving situations.

What we are leaning in Pine Class:

Autumn Term

In Autumn term, our topic is ‘The Stone Age to the Iron Age’ and our hook question is ‘Why is the Stone Age to Iron Age still relevant today?’. In this topic, we learn all about the three periods of time: the Stone Age, the Bronze Age and the Iron Age, exploring key events and places throughout this time.

In Science, our first Autumn topics is ‘Living things and their Habitats’. During this topic, we explore animal habitats, how to use classification keys, plants and human environmental impact. This topic is followed by ‘Animals Including Humans’, where we closely explore the human body, focusing particularly on the types and functions of different teeth and how the digestive system works.

Spring Term

Our Spring term topic is all about the Vikings. We will learn all about who they were, their reputation and how they raided and settled.

In Science, we learn all about electricity. During this unit, we will explore electrical appliances, learn how to build a simple electrical circuit and test different conductors and insulators.

Summer Term

Our Summer topic, is all about the environment, focusing on the overall question of ‘Is my world in danger?’ During the topic, we learn all about climate zones, biomes and how we can protect and preserve our environment.

Our first summer term Science unit is all about ‘States of Matter’, where we explore the 3 different states: solids, liquids and gases, what happens when materials are heated and cooled and the processes of evaporation and condensation. This unit will be followed by our final Science unit of ‘Sound’, where we explore how sounds are made, how they travel, pitch and volume.

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