Safety first!

Safety first!

This week has been eventful!

On Monday we went to Colonel Frank Seely. We had two lessons on English and Science where we made rockets out of water and tablets.

On Tuesday we had sports day 2018. We are proud to announce that Cromwell are the winners! Flamstead and Pearson then followed in joint-second place which leaves Trinity sadly at the bottom with third place.

On Wednesday, we practised the play so we hope you’ll enjoy it.

And finally today (Thursday), a  nice paramedic came in to show us the equipment they use and how to use it. Then we went outside to act out what would happen in the ambulance with the help of Emma , who was playing the person who fell off their bike. It was a wonderful and educational experience.

Word of the week is TRAUMA e.g. ‘Jeff suffered a TRAUMA after school.’

Written by Indica, Emma and Tilly

Lambley Primary School