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Maple Class Roman Topic

Many apologies for not having a blog published last week. For some reason this did not go live on the website. Our first week back started with a Roman invasion. We had a great day researching what Romans ate through dissecting Roman poo to give us clues into their diets. We made Roman bread and taste tested a selection of food that Romans may have eaten. We had a special Roman visitor who told us what life was like in Roman times and what it would have been like to be a Roman solider.

In order to extend our vocabulary we are introducing a Word of the week which where possible we will try and use in our writing. The word of the week for the first week back was Mythical. This week our word of the week is Outraged. In literacy we are looking at the Myth Romulus and Remus, acting it out so we are able to internalise the text before writing our own Myth.

Our Guided reading skill for this half term is skimming and scanning to find key words to answer questions based on the text. Our whole class guided reading text is a Myth called Daedalus and Icarus.

Our science focus is light – we have already been exploring that darkness is the absence of light.

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