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Happy New Year!

Happy New year to you all and welcome back to Maple Class! Over the next term we are learning all about the Romans. We are focussing on the question ‘What would life be like as a Roman?’ We launched our topic having a great Roman Day. We investigated what Romans ate through dissecting Roman Poo, we taste tested a selection of foods that Romans may have eaten, we also made and ate Roman bread – it was delicious. WE had a visit from a Roman Solider and learned lots about what life was like in Roman times. In topic this week we will be focussing on Where Roman invaded and the growth of the Roman Empire. We will also be learning about the great Roman leader Julius Ceaser. Our reading skill that we are focussing on over this half term will be ‘Skimming and Scanning’ for key words to locate information to answer comprehension questions. We are also working on extending our vocabulary. Our word of the week for this week is Mythical.

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