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Birch Class Sleepover at school!

Last night Birch class had a sleepover at school. We came back to school at 6pm and we were full of excitement. First we went to play on the park and then some of us went to play football on the field. After that we got wrapped up and went back outside to toast marshmallows on the BBQ. When we came inside we played musical statues and musical bumps and then we had a glow stick party in the dark with Billy’s glow sticks! Then we had hot chocolate and cookies before bed. In the morning some of us woke up at 5am…! When the rest of us were awake we watched a bit of a film. Then we got ready and went outside to play while some of the adults got our breakfast ready. We had juice and toast with lots of chocolate spread! This was the best night ever!!! From Birch Class.

Lambley Primary School