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This week’s blog is written by By Jacob Cottrell & Isla Davies.

On Wednesday 7th February 2018, some of the Y5’s + Y6’s did some bike-ability training with Michel and Andrew (trainers) At 9:30am we first checked our helmets before we started the course. We started by going to the Astroturf and checking that our bikes were stable and road worthy. The trainers set up a circle of cones and we cycled around them many times. After we had to go inside and outside of the cones, when we stopped they told us about checking behind to see if a biker/car was behind us. (In the course it was just our friends behind us.) Then we put our bikes aside and we had our break time. After break we did some emergency stop practice and a road in-between the cones. (The road was just two symmetrical lines.)  We would have to drive through and don’t hit the other person on the right, then try to get into a nice space and ride around the circle again. After we had our lunch we went through the rules of the road. One was do not ride on the pavement, and another was you need to check behind you instead of listen for the cars. This is because an electric car or a normal car might be silent. Then we walked with our bikes up to the road and had a ride to the hill. (We rode on the road) When we got to the hill we rode up and stopped our bikes at the pavement. Then we practiced the ‘stop U turn’ and the ‘moving U turn.’ After we did an hour and half practice of riding on our bikes we went back to school with 15 minutes till home. In the end we really enjoyed it and can’t wait for Monday where we get another lesson on this!

Thank you Andrew and Michel for the bike ability training.

Our word of the week is “withered” because it appeared in the myth that we’re looking at in guided reading.

“No rain fell and the grass withered.”

Lambley Primary School