Maple Class

Maple Class

Mrs Shardlow and Miss Hall are the class teachers for Maple Class. We are a mixed class of Y3 and Y4 pupils and are supported by our Teaching Assistant, Mrs France. Every Tuesday we are taught by Mrs Barnes who teaches us French as well as supporting us in our learning from other areas of the curriculum.

In our class, we follow both the Y3 and Y4 National Curriculum in addition to the Nottinghamshire syllabus for RE and the Nottinghamshire Computing Framework. From Y3- Y5, we follow a 3-year topic cycle with Beech Class. You can find out more information about our learning activities in our learning blog.

What have we been learning?

Spring Term 2017

This term we are learning all about space and our universe.

Every Thursday afternoon we are joined by the Y4 pupils from Beech Class for our weekly music lesson. Together with our teacher, Miss Hall, we are learning to play a woodwind instrument called the Chalumeau as a whole class ensemble. It’s noisy and brilliant!

Autumn Term 2016

This term our topic is Ancient Egypt. We are excited about our Partake Theatre day.

Summer Term 2016

This term we are going to be focusing on World War 2 as our topic. We are learning about how the war started and ended, what life was like for evacuees, the Blitz, as well as other aspects of World War 2.

World War 2 gives a fantastic wide breadth of learning opportunities and we are particularly looking forward to our trip to Perlethorpe where we will imagine that we are evacuees during the Blitz.

At the end of this term, we will say a temporary goodbye to our teacher, Mrs Shardlow, as she begins her maternity leave. After the Summer Holidays, Maple Class will be taught by Mrs Hall so we look forward to making her feel very welcome.

Spring Term 2016

This term our topics are ‘Healthy Me’ and The Vikings.

Autumn term 2015

This term our topic is Anglo Saxon Times.

Summer Term 2015

This term our topic is based around British Values and is called ‘Love Where You Live’. We are taking the opportunity to discover more about the reight of Queen Elizabeth II and government and democracy.

Spring Term 2015

This term our topic is Roman Bitain.

Autumn term 2014

This term our topic is ‘Water, Water, Everywhere’!

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