Our Curriculum

An Engaging Curriculum

Our aim is to provide the very highest standards of education within a caring, exciting and stimulating environment. We believe in challenging our children, to help them achieve their full potential, under our School Motto: Reach For The Stars! We are committed to ensuring that all of our pupils are excited by the curriculum. We want them to enjoy their learning and feel valued. By working closely with parents we ensure that all our children have an excellent start to their education.

At Lambley we want to ensure that all learning is given a context and that the children influence the content that is taught. We aim to teach through a cross-curricular topic approach instead of always teaching each subject separately. This means the children can access a variety of learning opportunities that cover the National Curriculum subjects but are linked to one main topic. Some subjects may still be taught separately depending on their relevance to the topic and daily Maths lessons will still be taught with links made where relevant. At the beginning of a new topic, we ask the children what they want to discover within the topic and how they might want to go about their learning. We call this our ‘Challenge Curriculum’ and have found that it has had a significant impact on the children becoming independent learners with positive learning attitudes. Children at Lambley say that ‘Learning is fun’!

A Topic Approach

We aim for our topics to:

  • Generate interest, curiosity and a thirst for learning
  • Include real-life, practical and outdoor learning experiences
  • Promote children’s independence and ability to take ownership of their learning
  • Provide a meaningful opportunity to learn, develop and apply new skills
  • Celebrate learning with special Topic Days which consolidate learning and are shared across the school community in different ways for example with exhibitions, performances, Class Assemblies, publications or sharing work online.

Download our Curriculum Teaching, Learning & Feedback Policy here.

Download our Calculation Policy here.

Further information about our curriculum content is available in our class pages. If you need any additional information, please contact the school office.

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