Beech Class

Beech Class

Mrs Jordan is our class teacher throughout the week except for Tuesday mornings when we have  Miss Barnes for MFL and Mr Robinson for PE.  We are a mixed class of Y4 and Y5 pupils and are supported by members of our Teaching Assistant team throughout the week.

In our class, we follow both the Y4 and Y5 National Curriculum in addition to the Nottinghamshire syllabus for RE and the Nottinghamshire Computing Framework. From Y3- Y5, we follow a 3-year topic cycle with Maple Class. You can find out more information about our learning activities in our learning blog.

We have daily Maths lessons using the Mastery of Maths approach. This means that we are developing the use of resources and vocabulary to support us as we solve mathematical problems and explain our thinking. We are becoming more fluent and confident mathematicians, willing to  apply our knowledge and skills to problem solving situations. Y4 pupils master the Y4 curriculum objectives and Y5 pupils master the Y5 curriculum objectives. Mrs Jordan is leading our in-school research project into the teaching of mastery in mixed year groups, supported by the NCETM (National College for Excellence in the Teaching of Maths). She leads Maths across school.

You can find out lots about our learning activities by visiting our class blog, found in the news section of this website.

What have we been learning?

This year (2018-19) we are following Topic Cycle B.

As Beech and Maple classes follow a 3-year topic cycle, our learning focuses on a different topic each term over a three year cycle. Science is taught as a discrete subject. Our long term overview for Science can be found here:

KS2 Science Curriculum Outline 2017


Autumn Term 2017- Water

Spring Term 2018- Roman Britain

Summer Term 2018- Volcanoes & Love Where You Live



Autumn Term 2018- Anglo Saxon Britain

Spring Term 2019- Vikings: What’s that coming over the hill?

Summer Term 2019- How Would You Survive as a Stone-Age Child?



Autumn Term 2019- Ancient Egypt- What was it like to Walk like an Egyptian?

Spring Term 2020- Space: Earth & Beyond & The Circle of Life

Summer Term 2020- Africa

Autumn Term- Water

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